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  • Nutritional Lifestyle and Metabolic Typing Assessment.    
  • Here you will be dynamically and deeply assessed on all area"s relevant to world renowned scientific training methods. You will be covered fully nutritionally and internally as these 2 top areas are the facilities we need to address in order to achieve your goal"s significantly better than you ever though possible. So keep your answers real and true because the life changing results that will take place from this assessment are permanent and outstanding!
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  • Biomechanics Health Screening Assessment  
  • Please fill out the assessment questions below, note you will need a few pieces of equipment such as a tape measure, skin fold device, Scales, blood pressure cuffs, a mirror and a lung function cylinder.   If you do not have a lung function metre you can use a balloon. simple take the balloon and blow it up as much as you can in a short but fast blow, take another deep breathe and take your second exhale into the balloon again as hard and as fast (no long blows of air) on the third repeat, measure the size of your balloon with a ruler in length by cm.  
  • *Use this formula to calculate your B.M.I; If you weigh 70kg and you"re 1.75m tall, divide 70 by 1.75. The answer is 40. Then divide 40 by 1.75. The answer is 22.9. Your BMI is 22.9..      
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle behavior Assessment.  
  • This is an assessment on your current eating habits. You see what we eat determines how we think, feel and take action when we approach situations we think the feel towards therefore determines our moods based on how much energy we regulate or waste on a day to day basis. It"s important to understand how your Mind and Body react to certain foods especially in the modern world diet of today. Whatever you eat and how you handle what you eat determines how well balanced your inner Four Doctors are. You Four inner Doctors who I have formed as your Four Masters are Master Diet, Master Quiet, Master Happiness and Master Movement. The Food that you eat contributes the energy to your Spiritual state which initiates your creative ideas and passionate energy which is then channeled down into your Mental state from which your ideas and passionate recruitments of your own creativity becomes an active possible entity which is then funneled down into your Emotional State where you feel the effects of it all to which is then funneled down into your Physical State where all of the above is expressed in movement of body language.   This in depth advanced questionnaire is designed to find and correct any imbalances to your Health from what you eat now and how you react to what you eat wither it be organic or not.      
  • It is important to answer each question with a response that best fits you. Remember this is not an exam. There are no right or wrong answers. Supply the answer that best fits you, not what you think you should answer. When answering these questions, forget everything you"ve been told about what you should and shouldn"t eat. Answer the questions based on your gut instinct on how you would prefer to eat if you could eat what you innately desire.   The answersto the questions have a numerical value, which I have deliberately omitted from the test so you can answer the questions without any bias.   Each category will then result in a numerical value which is then graphed on a table. This will then determine the order in which to tackle each category. Some questions are yes no answers. Simply circle the correct answer for you. Other questions give you an option. Simply circle the option that best suits you.   Resource development by Paul check of the C.H.E.C.K INSTITUTE    
  • Section 1: You are what you eat.
  • The Metabolic Type Test. The No DIET Diet  
  • Metabolic Typing® is the term for a diet based upon the concept that each person has a unique metabolism, and that therefore the nutrients which are appropriate for one person may be inappropriate for a second, and detrimental for a third. Your metabolism is the set of chemical reactions due to the combination of the results of your digestion and elimination systems. Metabolism is usually divided into two categories: catabolism (yang) breaks down organic matter, for example through digestion; and anabolism (yin) uses energy to construct components of cells such as proteins and fats. Your metabolism converts the raw materials of food to energy so that you can enjoy living. It determines which foods and drinks are nutritious and which are empty. The speed of metabolism, your metabolic rate, influences how much food you will require and how easily available it is. I"ve taken this concept and developed a system based on this understanding called Primal Pattern® eating.      
  • The following questionnaire is a system for identifying your optimal starting point for fine-tuning your macronutrient (animal to plant food) ratios. Today, this is not so easily done because in the past 1,000 years there has been as increase in racial mixing as we have become progressively more mobile. Only a few hundred years ago, it was normal for Aboriginal to live his entire life without meeting an Eskimo or any other significantly different race (and therefore, genes). Today, the Eskimo thriving on about 90% animal foods: 10% plant foods could mate with the inland Aboriginal eating the opposite ratio of about 90%plant foods: 10% animal foods. Their off spring could have a phenotype akin to the mothers, the fathers or require a range of nutrients far broader than either parent alone! This can create some interesting dietary challenges because of the variances in phenotypes among races with such radically different environmental demands on their genes. Unfortunately, most nutritionist's and dieticians prescribe meals plans based on flat percentages of proteins, fats and carbohydrates rather than the biomechanical heritage of their clients. Though there are thousands of diet books and millions of people following such advice. That is why we are the most obese and unhealthy people ever and childhood obesity is becoming a massive epidemic which sucks as it shows how far we have fallen from our natural food chain systems. So basically, what is wrong is that we lack clear understanding of how to eat whole food and this includes an understanding of what protein, fat and carbohydrate ratios are! The questionnaire you have successfully completed will now help you to better understand the protein/fat/carbohydrate ratios that are best suited to your body's particular needs.  
  • Instructions:   1. Answer each questions as honestly and accurate as possible. 2. Calculate your sums of A, B and C answers at the end.  
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  • 1. Engagement: Thank you for accepting the services of The Azendentmen (Advanced Personal Training) as detailed. Welcome to the The Azendentmen family. By signing this order form together with these terms and conditions and direct debit form if applicable, form a contract between you and us. 2. What you receive The payment of the investment entitles you to: *Receive the services detailed overleaf. *To receive any bonuses as indicated by the bonus package form applicable to the purchase. 3. Investment and payment You will pay us in consideration of the services provided with also the terms and conditions of People hub as detailed overleaf: *the investment sum in one lump on the signing of the order form by you without set off, deduction or counterclaim; or *if we have agreed that you may pay by installment, you must pay each installment to us in full and without set off or deduction the installment sum on the installment payment date by using our direct debit facility. *Payments made under this agreement must be made by means specified in the order form. *if you should not pay to us an installment sum by the installment payment date for that Sum then ALL monies owing by you to us shall become due and payable and must be immediately paid to us without set off or deduction or counterclaim and without need for further demand. *if payments are not made by the due dates, then we may at our discretion suspend your services until your account is up to scratch by yours and our standards. All late fees can be negotiated via phone, text, e-mail or web conference. 4. Cooling off period You are legally provided with (5) days from the date of signing this order form a cooling off period. If you advise us by notice in writing within (5) days of signing this order form that you do not wish to receive the services this agreement shall end and we shall refund all monies you have paid to us under this agreement. 5. Refunds Because this is an on going weekly system with continuous support and services refunds will not be applicable amongst this subscription. cancellations  
  • In the general sense of the health and fitness industry policies subject to the refund and cancellation clauses in this contract, no refunds will be made for any services missed once this contract is ended. 7. Bonuses You will have access to any bonuses that we have agreed to at the time of entering this contract or offered. All bonuses are conducted within your subscription term. Any bonuses given throughout the duration of this contract are free UNLESS stated otherwise to the asking and written price stated of any product. 8. direct debit service provider Terms and Conditions *Attached to this contract overleaf. 9. My oath and Promise to you As a professional elite personal trainer I promise to abide by the Fitness Australia code of ethics 2003 and in particular, undertake to ensure the following: To safeguard any confidential information that I collect from you as part of my service .I shall not enter into personal relationships without confirmation consent which damage the establishment and maintenance of professional trust. Will promote and protect the dignity, privacy, autonomy, and safety of all people with whom I come in contact with in my professional practice. I will inform you of any financial costs of any goods and services. I shall not discriminate in my professional practice, on the basis of ethnicity, culture impairment, language, age, gender, sexual preference, religion, political beliefs or status in society. I will only advertise my professional services in a way that is not false, not misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive, is not vulgar or sensational, and does not claim or imply superiority over any or all other fitness professionals. I shall Be punctual and treat you with the utmost professionalism at all times during direct access. 10. Cancellation policy. I understand that on occasions, you may become preoccupied during your life"s busy schedule and may miss out on your weekly services; To cancelled your subscription just email info@theazendentmen.com.au in writing ""I would like to unsubscribe from the online personal training system services"". Any up front payments of fee"s in credit can not be refunded. 11. Your obligations and commitment to us. In all cases when you are not commencing your given programs and information, you are also obligated to commit to your progress on your own terms. All information and advice given are to be used under your own terms. 12. Minimum commitment term. There is no minimum commitment, you may cancel your subscription anytime as long as you given 24 hr"s or more before your next debit is due.
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