Helloooo my Local Friend,

Like you, I have become bored out of my mind with fancy-generic fitness clubs and gyms that are jam packed with useless cardio equipment.

Let's face it... you simply want to lose your gut, build some lean, rock solid muscles, increase your energy, self confidence, and heck - even boost your sex drive! (Imagine the look on your girlfriend's face!)

You want to play flag football with 'the boys' and maintain your stamina, chase your kids in the yard without feeling drained in 5 minutes, feel like a stud when you take your shirt off at the beach and most of all maintain your health and strength (after all without it what good are you to your loved-ones or family?) Well... If any of the above sounds like you, then you are ready for our Primal Fit Boot Camp.

But I'd like to be upfront with you… although here at Primal Fit Camp, we lift weights, do cardio, and have a great time -- we are a Corrective High Performance Studio.

What that means is that unlike many of the other fitness gyms, clubs or Crossfit in Brisbane Algester, we at The Primal Fit Camp (Azendentmen) coach all of our beautiful community members like athletes.

Research has shown that short bursts of moderate to intense exercise is not only best for most athletes -- It is the best way to exercise for any Human who wants more energy, more vitality, more muscle, more strength, less body fat and a great looking body.

Now why is this called Primal Fit?.... Well thats because here we take a Holistic approach to Health and Wellbeing.

Strength is of body, mind and soul. At Primal Fit Camp, we help you grow stronger bodies… and we also aim to honor your wholeness. We want our members to be “The Strongest Version Of Themselves”; beginning with the body. Our Four-step training process begins with:

#1 Structure: Better Posture, Performance, and Longevity. We always begin our training phases and daily routines with a healthy dose of joint mobility, flexibility and various dynamic warm-ups through various techniques based on our Primitive structure such as Locomotion and using the Foam Roller. This allows us to address any joint immobility or muscle imbalances you may unknowingly have. A specialized dynamic warm-up always precedes our vigorous workouts.

#2. Strength: Stronger Core, Lean Muscle and Functional Strength. Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscular shoulders, or slam dunk a basketball, you will need to get stronger. More strength means that you’ll have a firmer, more shapely and vibrant body. You’ll have a body that can overcome any physical force, and looks great to-boot.

#3. Vitality: Fatloss, Athleticism, Your Specific Goal Attainment “Human beings perform best, when they are trying to attain a goal -- no matter what it may be.” - Earl Nightingale

#4. Working In: working Out means to exert energy out of the body through movement, working In means to accumulate and regenerate energy by moving the body with a redirection of breathing techniques and different styles of movement patterns. You will learn various ways to work energy back in through such familiar styles as Tai Chi and Qi gong integrated into our 7 basic primal movement patterns.

Back to my previous statement, We want our members to be the “Greatest Athletic Version Of THEMSELVES.” We want you to be the author and hero in your own story.

You have a unique reason for being a member at Primal Fit Camp… and we honor that by helping you uncover your hidden strengths and abilities.

So that you can attain any goal you set for yourself.

Here's what your Membership will yield you:

  • Construct Rock Solid Functional Muscles!
    It never fails to amaze me how many people spend hours in the gym, for months or even years, and never experience the physical gains that they are striving for. Now you will learn what 95% of these poor folks are doing wrong... and how to be among the 5% that achieve incredible strength and fitness attributes.

  • Lose Body Fat, Permanently.
    Imagine being able to eat more! Let me ask you something, how many people do you know that have lost weight only to gain it back... and a few more to-boot?! Discover the little known secrets that allow you to enjoy real food while burning off fat and keeping it off, forever!

  • Upgrade Your Sex Drive .
    The most accurate gage of the quality of your health and fitness is Your Vitality... Many folks look amazing on the outside, but are literally dying on the inside - Their lack of Sex Drive is the clearest indication of this critical dilemma! The simple truth is, when you lack adequate vitality (like 90% of Americans) your sex drive plummets... Increase Vitality and Improve Performance!

  • Maintain Electrifying Energy. Long gone are the days when you could just jump out of bed in the morning, throw on some sneakers and be ready for a full day of excitement. Your energy level just isn't what it used to be. You can blame the fact that you need 4 cups of coffee to "get going" everyday on the - poor, "I'm getting old" excuse... or you can do something about it!

  • You'll also be given strict directions and plans when your not at Primal Fit Camp (As thats where the real work is isn't it!) Like Nutrition Settings, Stress Patterning, Stretches, Mini workouts and In's etc.

    Did i also mention that right now! Your First Trial Week is Free?...

  • Enquiry Application

  • Give Me as Much Detail About Your Goals as Possible, I Want to Know All!

    For example, Why Do You want it so bad, When Did You start wanting these changes, How did You come to want Your Goals, Where did this all start.
  • On a scale from 1 to 5 (1 Low 5 High) How Would You Rate Your Desire for Your Goals Above?

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Want more info about Primal Fit Camp?

Session Times are as Followed:

Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays:

3.30pm-4.30pm (Bookings Essentail for this session).

Primal Fit Camp is like your everyday bootcamp.....EXCEPT! Primal camp is about utilizing our environment for maximum results, results that carry over into your everyday life. This fitness boot camp runs indoor and outdoor.

Primal Camp also uses a cencept known as ''Working In'' as well as Working Out. Working Out is when we push energy out of the body to move, Working In is about performing functional exercises to generate energy around the body, also known as Kinesiology.

Primal Camp uses the science of the anatomy to create real results with Functional Unisolated Training methods. You see the human body has 7 Primal Movement Patterns, Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist, Bend and Gait (Walking, Jogging etc).

These 7 movement patterns are what make us functionally operational to do everything that we do. For Example, We Gait phase (walk, jog, run) to the door in the morning. We then twist the door handle and push it open with our trunk, we then twist to shut it and then we bend, lunge and then squat into the car.

With a sedentary lifestyle, these 7 primal movement patterns become corrupt, causing bad posture, weak abdominal support, Joint dyscomfort and Muscle ache's and pain's. Resulting in lack of Performance Externally and Internally. If You have bad posture, Primal Camp fixes any physical dysfunctions amongst your Basic movement patterns.The Primal Camp Workouts also focus on Strengthening your basic movements patterns so that you become more conditioned, this leads to your Fitness Performance Evolving.


Do you hate Hate Dieting?..... GOOD!

We don't diet...EVER! If rediculous diets actually worked then we wouldn't be facing a world wide obseity epidemic and everyone wouldn't have such great hormonial imbalances that cause low sensitivity levels and high levels of STRESS!

As 1 of only 4 licenced Holistic nutritionists in the entire Brisbane region to specialize in the ground breaking science of Metabolic Typing. I can help you discover exactly what level of nutrients your body needs by just eating whole organic foods. YES! Just Whole Organic Foods....The foods we are designed for. For Example, one day you might have a hard day at work involving a lot of muscle work, the more muscle work you do, the more muscle fibres you rip up. When we burn up muscle fibres we need to repair them with the right foods, muscle fibres require fleshy foods such as meat. You'll notice that you will become hungry for meat of some sort after a heavy weight training session. Finding Your Metabolic Typing helps you build a relationship with your food once again and helps you understand your Individual nutritional requirements on a day to day basis.

Now you still maybe a little skeptical......and I can't blame you. The Fitness Industry has turned itself into a gimmick rather than an advance system of achieving your evolution.... So here's some questions i get asked frequently.....

''Other group training sessions and bootcamps do 5-12 weeks, why did you make this a consistent program?''

I’ve been in this game a while now and my experience tells me that 4-12 weeks isn’t long enough to create a habit or generate any long term mind and body corrections. They say it takes over 500 repetitive actions to cement a newly taught action in the subconscious mind as an automatic habit. Now if a bad habit exists such as repititive sitting or sugar addiction it can take as many as 5,000 repetitive actions to break those habits.  This is why you see people struggling to give up smoking, or burn fat. They simply don’t continue on the program long enough to develop the critical change which is convincing your physiology to change. So ask yourself the question, how long did it take for you to learn how to drive a car.....now think about how long you have been driving, it would take years to unlearn this skill if you'rve been doing it long enough.

''I’ve never exercised before or i'm not very fit, will I be able to keep up with the others or even participate?''

Yes!. You’ll find that most participants are in the exact same boat.  As a result, I have constructed your team to be apart of you and you apart of the team. Everyone will not be doing exactly the same thing at the same time, if your body struggles with a certain level of the needed exercise movement then you will be showen how to do it appropriatly for you from a different angle so that you still get the same benefits and results. No one is made to feel different, no one gets left behind, no one is number one. Whether you're short, tall, fat, skinny, athletic, a smoker, a drinker, In this group training program you are all made and trained equally.

I’m not able to attend every session, can I pay a reduced rate?

Any sessions missed, lightly put, cannot be made up im afraid, this course requires 100% participation as well as dedication. But you may also use your missed training session fee's in credit for future services within a time period of 3 months from that missed session date.

Can I bring a friend?

Hell yeah the more the better. I encourage this because You work harder, you have more fun with someone you know personally right beside you and you become more motivated and accountable outside Primal Camp sessions. You also get rewarded with one of 3 options, A Free 1:1 Session with Me, A Free 60 minute Massage or a Free Week of Primal Camp when Your Friend signs Up.

OK, so, you have me, what do I have to bring?

Bring a Towel, A Bottle of Fresh cold Water and Lateral Mind.

So how long would it take for me to get what i'm looking for?

Everyones different hence why we come in all shapes and sizes. So as long as you do as instructed In Primal Camp and outside Primal Camp, You are 100% certain to achieve more than 50% of Your Goal/s if not 100%! before the end. Some see results faster than others but hey, good things take time....

Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely. If you do not make any results of 30% or more after 14 weeks and have followed instructed forms in and out of your training, you will be granted all your money back guarenteed!. So Highlight this line, print it, screen cap it, whatever! because you ain't going to need it anyway.

Will I get sore?

Most people feel some soreness for a couple of days after each session.  As your body adapts, the soreness will reduce.  Its good to be sore.  It’s a sign your body has been challenged correctly. And if your worried about being to fatigued for you other daily task's don't worry as I have plenty of recovery techniques that will keep you moving and doing what you need to do no matter how sore you are.

What kind of thing's will i be expected to do?

If you imagine all those conventional exercises you see body builders doing in the gym - we don't do that! The Type of Training you will be under going: Will Range from Functional Resistance and Performance Exercises to working with Weights. You also are given your own individual Flexibility Program. Unconvential training using anything heavy and mastering your bodyweight is by far the most superior way to get results. I believe the fun exercises that you used to do as a kid work better! I'll also be throwing in some boxing circuits and other types of mixed martial art forms in your programs. You won't be bored here my friend.

What if I have other questions?

''I'' Master PT Walesi am always available for support. Of course at times I maybe with another client or running around like a lunitic with my kids, but I will always find the time. My number will be provided upon meet and greet and my direct Email is walesi@TheAzendentmen.com.au. Whenever you have a question big or small or a problem your are struggling with, i take it as an offense if you don't share it with me. I'm here to help, i'm here to teach and most of all, i'm here to make you believe that there is always a way.

I Know What You May Be Thinking Right About Now…

What if i'm not fit enough......Am I too Old........Will it intefer with my Sport......Does it involve confronting my personal boundaries.......I'm not good with crowds....... Can I afford it......What about my old injuries.....I'm pretty stressed out......I have a lot on my plate right now and not a lot of time....I'm embarassed about my weight!....I'm not confident enough to workout in front of others....

Finally, Thanks to this Fitness Bootcamp a.k.a Primal Camp
You No Longer Have To Deal With Any Of That EVER AGAIN!

Here’s why..

I've Coached hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life! Professional Athletes, Lifestyle Enthusists, Retired Folk, People who smoke, drink, can't stop eating junk food, Over worked Parents, Stressed out CEO's You name it. This is what makes Primal Camp for everyone. Primal Camp Individulaizes it's Training methods based on Your personal requirements, it's not a one size fits all program. Everybody is different, you could be part of a pair of twins from the same parents but you will still have your own life that you live and your own genetic structure. This is why i see You 1:1 prior to Primal Camp. I will Assess You Mentally and Physically and build a more in depth personal relationship with you so that i know such things as what stress you have in your life and why.

So if you live in Marsden, Heritage Park, Regents Park, Calamvale, Stretton, Algester, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Runcorn, Boronia Heights, Acacia Ridge, Drewvale, Logan Central or

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…then you are only 10 kilometres away & less than a 10 min drive


That’s How Committed To Your Goals And Success I am,
And That’s How Much I Believe In This Program

''Are You Ready?''

OK I’m ready to register…what next?

Fill in the application form back at the top.

But Walesi, why would you make it so affordable?

''Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low ahd here's why''

This program has been produced by me IN ITS ENTIRETY, which means I didn’t have to pay anyone to build it.

On top of this, the exercise sessions are performed completely outdoors in local parks and in my private studio, where I’ve already secured the local government permits and approvals, so our costs are kept to a minimum.

We don’t use expensive gym equipment. Your bodyweight and a few other house hold items are all we need as the type of training and exercises you will be doing are based on the human body's natural primal movement patterns and function.The spartans had rocks, The europeans had steal planks, so we definitly don't need much.

All of the extras that I’m about to GIVE you, I created, designed, wrote, recorded and or published MYSELF.  Again, keeping costs to a minimum.  No need to buy something at wholesale and then sell it at retail.

On top of this, the POWER of the Internet, especially Social Media like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn means I spend ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on advertising.  I rely solely on testimonials and providing an awesome service to guarantee a successful business.  My Boot Camps are Self Building!!!

So I figure I’ll be able to offer this fantastic program to more people much like you who is looking for a solution to their health or weight problem at an affordable and above valued price.


''AGAIN I ASK, Are You Ready?''

Yes Walesi, I am Ready!


PS: You now have a choice.  Do nothing or do something

P.P.S: Remember, your success is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED

P.P.P.S: You can either spend the rest of your life slowly dieing or spend the rest of your life slowly Ascending.
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