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During Your first 60 minute session you’ll Go through my Body Diognostic Health Assessment.

This is the most critical part of an effective Exercise program. Through my series of tests I will evaluate your entire body as a whole neurologically motor pattern unit to see how yours bodies systems are working.

For example: Did you know that if one tiny area of your body isn’t working properly, it can affect the rest of your body? This is why managing your stress is important and I’ll show you why.  If your big toe hurts, it affects the way you walk. This stress then forces your leg and back muscles  to work differently, and can ultimately lead to knee, hip or back problems. If your Training program doesn’t take this into account, not only will you not see results because your movement patterns have been altered, but you could also end up injured….and we definitely don’t want that now do we.

You will also:

•Insert your Goal into the ultimate Goal setting Plan!

•Identify your long-term Goals (How you’ll look and feel in 6 months!)And then set realistic short-term goals that ensure your path to success!

•Assess your movement patterns and the way your muscles work. I will discuss my assessment observations with you as we go along and begin giving you the tools required to address an dysfunctions such as eating habits, muscle imbalances, stress and internal organ exhaustion.

•Analyse your Core Function. Learn how it works with the rest of the body and build it with a single crunch!

•Learn what Doctors won’t tell you!

•Build a more in depth relationship with your Food, Body and Yourself.

•Learn the Mental Training techniques used by myself as a Martial Arts practitioner and professional athletes to ramp up your motivation and build a stronger foundation with you core values….so Training quickly becomes a fun, passionate, integrated portion of your daily routine.

Session 2: The Work Out.

This time around you will work up a sweat with my customized exercises and program layout that I have designed for you based on your movement pattern Assessment.

You will:

•Learn Correct form when performing your exercises.

•Be Educated on what the Exercises do for you in regards to your Wants and Needs.

•Learn How to Manipulate your Muscles and Nervous system (for Maximum Growth and Strength.)

•Learn how to Breathe correctly when Training (Something 99% of people don’t know).

•Increase your flexibility (your personalized Flexibility Program will target all your short and tight muscles while we strengthen your long and weak muscles at the same time).

•Learn the Do’s and Don’t on Eating before and after a workout.

•Find out how to turn your abdominals on to perform your exercises better and safer.

•Increase your Confidence with my 7 Step self-talk tips!

•Cool Down with a Fun-Stress free Exercise followed by a relaxing phase of Kinesiology therapy.

''By the end of this session, you’ll begin seeing the changes from the work you've put in Since session 1!
My Holistic methods will stun you!''

Session 3: The Work In

Working Out means moving Energy Out of the Body. Working In is about reversing our movement patterns with specific exercises that generate energy into the body. This is how we increase our energy levels and maintain our Stress and fatigue levels at a lower state.

In your Working In Program you will:

•Learn the Exercises that generate energy, not burn it.

•Tune Your Performance Levels so that your Game ready Fast!

•Become more Intune with your Bodies needs through simple yet powerful flexibility techniques

•Learn the 5 best Working In exercises that will get pump the systems of your body for optimal performance while not building up a sweat.

•Restore function to your Core with 4 scientific non-sweat exercises.

•Increase you’re your range of movement on the foam roller so that you can recover from your last workout and perform your next program better!

•Lower Your stress levels significantly fast! (You won’t feel like punching any walls!)

By Now You Would have already:

•Lost more than 5 kg’s of excess Weight!

•Gained control over your Stress Hormones!

•Increased Your Muscle Tone around the WHOLE BODY!

•Noticed Your Performance Levels have improved significantly!

•Gained 25% more of your ATP Energy!

•Become more Flexible!

•Found that you haven’t felt, moved and looked as good as you do now since your were in your early teens!

•Increased Your Self-Confidence!
Your Investment for all of this is

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