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Welcome to The Azendentmen.
The Azendentmen is an Advance Health and Fitness Studio located in Algester Brisbane 4115 Qld. Specializing in Holistic Health and Corrective High Performance Training. We empower our Local Men, Women and Athletes to become not just healthier but Stronger, more Dynamic, powerful versions of themselves.

Walesi Luí.
Who is he and why should you trust him?

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Hi there! My names Walesi, Welcome!

You found me and my health and fitness studio The Azendentmen by searching either through google or some other ad because you have a desire for greater effect and change for yourself right?!

But before you even think about paying me to be your coach, theres some things you should know about me.

I grew up in a small New Zealand country town of Whakatane where life was tough due to the prevalence
of gangs and petty street crime.  In my teenage years after enduring many beatings I discovered
Muay Thai Boxing where my love and passion for health and fitness was born.

I moved to Australia in 2004 and then 3 years later i became a father to my amazing princess Aliya.
Aliya though, was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus, a condition that causes a large amount of calcification spots
in her brain leaving her with limited mobility and slow motor skills.  We were told she would be born either

Aliya was born profoundly deaf. She is fortunate enough to have Cochlea Implants which now gives her
the ability to experience sound like the rest of us. At the age of 11 months Aliya was also diagnosed
with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy causes muscle and nervous system dysfunctions knowen as spasticity thoughout her whole body.

In June 2010 she had her first seizure and eventually diagnosed with epilepsy. On the 7th of april 2011 my awesome son was born (100% healthy!). He's literally right beside me throwing punches and kicks when i'm training.

When Aliya turned 2 that's when i took a turn at what her life meant. I used to ask why did she have to be so unlucky to be born with so many limitations. I realised how much i took for granted in life. I was a prime athlete all through school and then bam! I became this smoking, drinking, fat 18 year old with no desire to achieve my ultimate purpose in life.

That's when i realized...

She was here to help me become the most powerful version of myself and inspire others to do the same. So in 2010 i decided to do something that scared the hell out of me!I left a dead end career path as a 2nd class welder and took an all or nothing chance at something my family and I would benefit greatly from by becoming a personal trainer right here in Brisbane to now being a Holistic Health and Fitness specialist.

In the last 5 years i've had the pleasure of personally coaching and training hundreds of people like yourself from professional athletes to fitness enthusists, from parents looking to give their best to their families to corporate ceo's and managing directors and everyone in between with my Group fitness systems.


Now, you're not here to read all about me and what i've done, right?!

You're here for proven results!

Someone who knows their stuff and can give you the tools to do so!

I know what you mean.....I struggled to get myself into shape at age 18! I dieted, i worked out but my bulging stomach was still there, my flexibility was shocking-couldn't kick high anymore. Was constantly stressed and running out of energy quick and you know why?..

Because Dieting didn't work! Doing the body building exercises that my mentors were teaching me didn't work!!

Thousands of dollars invested in my own trainers, supplements and meat market gym membership wasted! Still over weight, Low performance, more stressed, constantly getting sick and feeling as if i was never going to be the man i wanted to be. But! i Never gave up!

Lucky for you and Me i eventually found the right systems that work!

The first tool i have for you is back at the top of this page. It's my complete guide on how to eat right, move better and be happier. It's years of my personal and professional practices laid all out for you.

Also check out my blog. I give you weekly tips and tricks on getting yourself in shape holistically, which means you don't have to waste time on expensive supplements, therapists and physicians.


Enquiry Application

Give Me as Much Detail About Your Goals as Possible, I Want to Know All!

For example, Why Do You want it so bad, When Did You start wanting these changes, How did You come to want Your Goals, Where did this all start.


Home Training Systems are available to Upon Your First 1:1 Initiation

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